World's first free and opensource system for management and decision making in Agriculture.

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Who we are

AgroSense is an opensource project and maintained by a group of developers all over the world.

The in the Netherlands based software development company LimeTri is currently the main sponsor for the AgroSense project. They take care of all administrative tasks that are involved in managing a big software development project, such as feature/bug planning, release cycles, the website etc.. Of course all involved opensource developers are also participating in this process.

Commercial support and services are available world wide, provided by the network of companies involved in AgroSense.

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Latest news from our blog

  • AgroSense 2.0 Released
    Written by
    on 11 Feb 2015

    AgroSense 2.0 Released!

    The AgroSense team proudly announces the release of version 2.0. Originally scheduled for early January this year, the team decided to address some stability issues and add some core functionality before pushing out the release. 


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AgroSense is beta software and some things will go wrong.
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